Coding since 14 years old

Hello Dear Readers, I’m Bhathiya (AKA JaDogg) Perera. This is my life journey summarized (A part of it). I first started writing code when I was just 14 years old. I was able to get a copy of Visual Basic 6. During that time I had a machine with Windows 98 in it. Processor was AMD […]

My tryout of Android UI design

I have decided to play with android development again. And this time it is pure android (with compatibility libraries). I also tested android development with PhoneGap and one time there was also a LibGDX based game. Even though the applications were built I never really look into the native android development. PhoneGap might come easy […]

Reality and Judgement

There are about 7,000,000,000 people living in the world. Each of us as humans are given a conscience and an acknowledgement of self-existence. Even though we are driven by chemical reactions that occur in our brain we tend to identify them as feelings. And such feelings being happiness, sadness, trust, belief, jealousy, and anger. Yet […]

Ubuntu 13.10

I’ve recently decided to move to Linux permanently and installed Linux (Ubuntu 13.10) so far the experience is good it has all all the features I love about Linux : terminal, package managers, build files that actually work. Currently my system is bit unstable it freezes often and crashes often. Even with optirun 1080p videos […]

Java Localization Video Tutorial (Netbeans) (ජාවා බහුභාෂා භාවිතය උපකාරකය) (Available in both Sinhalese and English)

Normal Video (With background music and click sounds) Full HD Version (No sound) I don’t speak in any of the videos,HD version is recommended resources folder CodeProject

Building a Stopwatch using Visual Studio 2010 and C# (Beginner Video Tutorial)

First reason I chose building a stopwatch is because it is both useful and simple to implement. Second reason was that I needed a stopwatch so I made one instead of downloading it. get the tutorial from dropbox its 10Mb download get the project from dropbox