Coding since 14 years old

Hello Dear Readers, I’m Bhathiya (AKA JaDogg) Perera.┬áThis is my life journey summarized (A part of it). I first started writing code when I was just 14 years old. I was able to get a copy of Visual Basic 6. During that time I had a machine with Windows 98 in it. Processor was AMD […]

Reality and Judgement

There are about 7,000,000,000 people living in the world. Each of us as humans are given a conscience and an acknowledgement of self-existence. Even though we are driven by chemical reactions that occur in our brain we tend to identify them as feelings. And such feelings being happiness, sadness, trust, belief, jealousy, and anger. Yet […]

Imperfection is the Ultimate Perfection

Only way one can become perfect is to remove all emotions and remove everything human, The reason we are human is because we are not perfect, and we have emotions. It is possible that a rational person may take irrational decisions, those irrational decisions are side effects of having emotions and those decisions may create […]