Reality and Judgement

There are about 7,000,000,000 people living in the world. Each of us as humans are given a conscience and an acknowledgement of self-existence. Even though we are driven by chemical reactions that occur in our brain we tend to identify them as feelings. And such feelings being happiness, sadness, trust, belief, jealousy, and anger. Yet trust and friendship and love occur as a beautiful outcome of certain events. However we all are given a certain understanding of reality and we are also tied to certain other humans in either positive or negative way. We can never truly understand why such phenomenal coincidences has occurred. Therefore we tend to believe or not believe in a religion. With or without thinking we tend to judge others based on the reality we accept. By tackling these reality can we come to the conclusion that everything is true and yet everything is false? Everything is imperfect and yet they are perfect? Most doesn’t confront the problem of reality and meaning of life. I guess perhaps the ignorance is better so we can just follow a reality that we think to believe and judge people so we can love and hate. But do we truly understand each other? As far as I know no one can truly understand what goes in one’s mind or the past/future and present of a person so why do we still hate and love?
I think we judge so we can believe in our own reality. Black and White or Grey as our individual reality grasp is I like to believe reality is more colorful and spanned in unlimited dimensions. Therefore a virtual-reality can truly exist in one’s mind. Therefore I shall try to ignore the reality I otherwise believe in and hope to cease to exist peacefully when my time comes. Yet I’m forcing myself to believe that a reality in my mind is better than a reality that exist otherwise. And I like that reality. Judge as you wish.

Written by Bhathiya Nuwan Perera
(Don’t Steal)
— feeling unexplainable.

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