Coding since 14 years old

Hello Dear Readers,

I’m Bhathiya (AKA JaDogg) Perera. This is my life journey summarized (A part of it).

I first started writing code when I was just 14 years old. I was able to get a copy of Visual Basic 6. During that time I had a machine with Windows 98 in it. Processor was AMD around 200Mhz, 32MB Ram and a 3GB HDD. I wanted to play games like the cool kids who had a Pentium 3 or 4 at that time. However I couldn’t. So I end up playing with BATCH (.bat) files and eventually when I got a new PC. I was more interested in programming than gaming. (Even the new one didn’t have a good VGA card to play games) So I installed VB 6. Played with it. I struggled to read and learn from the documents. My English comprehension capabilities wasn’t that good. I didn’t even had a friend or a family member that understood what the hell I was doing. One day I saved some pocket money and got a CD with VB 6 samples. I opened each and every project and hacked together things days and night. I remember my parents telling me to play games (Yes! they told me to play games like other kids) I even remember trying to sell a piece of VB 6 project for 1000 Rs (around $8 USD at the time of writing) for an owner of an near by internet cafe. They didn’t like my idea, so I created a virus and infected the machines. I saw them bringing in one of my friend brother to fix the machines. Ironically he was fixing them from a custom Windows XP boot CD I created and gave to my friend.




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