Imperfection is the Ultimate Perfection

Only way one can become perfect is to remove all emotions and remove everything human, The reason we are human is because we are not perfect, and we have emotions. It is possible that a rational person may take irrational decisions, those irrational decisions are side effects of having emotions and those decisions may create new emotions and the new emotions will cause irrational behavior and so on. The flawed humans’ try to create new technologies just to become perfect. But is it possible? Once we become perfect we will lose any reason to live in this world. Perfect beings does not need love, hate, jealousy or friendship. Because they are perfect they will depend on no one. When we look at our modern world we can see that its imperfect in every possible way, but it still exists. And we humans still function imperfectly. extinction of the human race will occur when they become perfect .Because without emotions we won’t be attached to this world and we can just stop existing. One might think that the death is perfection because after a human dies there is a very high probability that he/she will not be able to think because his/her brain will probably turned to ash or soil, and therefore his/her emotions will not exist. because nothing in this world has 0% probability or 100% probability we cannot be sure about the death. But what about life, we see it everywhere. We can see people doing various tasks, taking flawed decisions, But still keep themselves alive(most of them).how could that be possible ? If god is a perfect being why did he create a such an imperfect world ? Answer is simple because imperfection is the ultimate perfection. And everything is imperfect therefore they are perfect.

Written by Bhathiya Perera

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