Java Application and Libraries in a single JAR !

So you have created a java application that use .JAR libraries,But you need to put all the stuff into a single JAR ! That’s when the One-JAR comes to your aid.

What is One-JAR?

One-JAR lets you package a Java application together with its dependency Jars into a single executable Jar file.

You can download and read more information about it here :

How to use it : download “one-jar-boot-x.xx.jar” from

Extract the downloaded jar file. Delete the src folder(if you want).
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Rename your application’s main jar file to main.jar
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Put the main.jar file in a folder called “main”
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Copy your Application’s libraries to a folder called lib
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Now select all files in extract path and compress them to a zip file.
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Rename the zip file to your_app.jar (your_app can be anything you like, make sure you change the extension) Now its all done. run and see if it works.
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