wxWidgets Gui Development On Windows using CodeLite (easiest way)

I just wanted to try out one of the famous cross-platform gui library (or framework) wxWidgets on some free time. After being pampered by Java and C# starting to code in C++ is not that easy. For me GUI development has been so far the easiest in C# (those data binding methods awesome). I’ve developed GUI for J2ME using Netbeans, For Android using LibGDX and eclipse(more like game UI), Win32 API using FreeBASIC(favorite language of all time)  + FbEdit,and for C# using Visual Studio 2010 and Java Swing using netbeans (used eclipse-swt based DJNativeSwing library as well).

So far setting up wxwidgets using the prebuilt wxwidgets from CodeLite is the easiest approach

http://sourceforge.net/projects/codelite/files/Releases/codelite-5.2/ this is the current version


You need to install first one and then second one (that is the order which I used to install it anyway).

in CodeLite create a new project (its in workspace menu)


you might need to download wxCrafter get it and install it (just create project,close the IDE and install wxCrafter ) just take the plugin if you do not want to use netbeans or any other ide.



You will need 7zip (http://www.7-zip.org/) to extract them once installation is done you can compile and run you project


Now you can start learning wxWidgets

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